Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion 1939 Greavette Streamliner

Cold Fusion is a 1939 Streamliner in for a new bottom .  The boat did go back to Greavettes for a new bottom sometime in the 1970’s at which point the outboard rudder was removed and the boat had been converted to an inboard outboard . In the 1990’s the I/O was removed and the outboard rudder was re-created and a V6 Crusader with V drive was installed , along with a re-finnish , chrome and upholstery  . Now in 2019 that “New Bottom” installed by Greavettes is almost 50 years old .  The plywood inner skin with only paint as a sealer starts to decay after 30 years  .  The new bottom here will be sealed with penetrating epoxy and the inner and outer layers will be bedded in 3M 5200 . The goal here is to replace the bottom without having to varnish the boat . —That is if it’s possible to do that without leaving any decay in the boat

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