Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion 1939 Greavette Streamliner

Cold Fusion is a 1939 Streamliner in for a new bottom .  The boat did go back to Greavettes for a new bottom sometime in the 1970’s at which point the outboard rudder was removed and the boat had been converted to an inboard outboard . In the 1990’s the I/O was removed and the outboard rudder was re-created and a V6 Crusader with V drive was installed , along with a re-finnish , chrome and upholstery  . Now in 2019 that “New Bottom” installed by Greavettes is almost 50 years old .  The plywood inner skin with only paint as a sealer starts to decay after 30 years  .  The new bottom here will be sealed with penetrating epoxy and the inner and outer layers will be bedded in 3M 5200 . The goal here is to replace the bottom without having to varnish the boat . —That is if it’s possible to do that without leaving any decay in the boat

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  1. My father in-law Dr. W.C. Vaughan used to own the family boat. I’m so pleased to see the future enjoyment taking place.
    You are a true professional, and thank you for the wonderful pictures!

  2. That boat looks gorgeous.
    My grandparents owned that boat from 1972 ish till about 1994 when Robert bought it.
    if you would like more information on this boat, I might be able to fill you in on it.

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