Carolina began as a personal challenge . —Another after work or filler project . The Hull was planked from a single cyprus log that was recovered from the bottom of a river in Florida. The log had probably been at the bottom of the river for 200 years , as it was evident from the ends of the resulting boards , that the tree had been initially felled with an axe . Saws replaced axes in logging about 200 years ago .  Lines were taken off of a 1923 Uncle Sam model   I CNC cut mold stations for planking the hull shape . Perhaps the greatest challenge of the project was the hardware . With the exception of the engine and device , almost all of the hardware was made new . Even the copper water jackets and flywheel on the engine were made new . The Devil truly is in the details . The correct Domed headed trunk nails that fasten the in-wales to the ribs are no longer available , so I made a die and hand forged the heads of copper nails into the correct shape . The priming pump and gas shut of valves started as wooden patterns , then rough castings , machined into the finished parts .

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