Who We Are?

My first boat , circa 1973 . Found washed up on the shore of lake Rosseau  after the spring thaw  . I’m at the oars here after a summer of sanding and varnishing ,  taking my siblings for a ride .  Without trying to boast  , I think my varnishing has improved with practice over the years .

Our Mission

Windsor boat works limited was founded in 1991 . 

Although I’ve been  messing about with boats most of my life , I started doing it for a living in 1987 . I was fortunate at the time to have gleaned a lot of knowledge from Some of the old timers who were still alive and  working at their trade when I moved to Gravenhurst and began my journey into the wooden boat business  . The learning never stops though .

At a boat show in Miss Elly  . A 20 foot gentleman's racer

Extraordinary Experiences

When Ditchburn boats started in Gravenhurst the work day was longer in the summer than the winter , until they got electric lights . The tools and materials that are available now are for the most part a huge step forward . Electric drills , power saws , computer controlled equipment and pneumatic sanders are a huge savings of time and effort. Eventually human hands and common sense have to put it together . I don’t think that will ever be replaced .

Our Core Values

My primary objective is to treat people the way that I’d like to be treated . To do what’s best for the boat , what’s best for the client and what;s best for myself  –and in that order .

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